Awesome bridesmaid trends to consider for your wedding day

You have marked the date on the calendar and you can’t help the excitement and anxiety that comes with it as the days go by. You have worked on the list of everything that needs to be done and so far everything is going relatively well. Your theme is settled, your wedding gown has been chosen and is absolutely fabulous and awaiting the final touches and now, it is time to choose your bridesmaids and envision how you would like your day to be.

Here are some awesome bridesmaid trends to consider for your wedding day;

  • Mix and match colour palettes – This is one of the hottest trends and will sure to stay. Whatever your theme colours, allow the maids to choose colour tones within the colour palette that best suits their skin tone and a design that suits their body type. They will look and feel beautiful and better yet, the photos will show it!
  • Metallics – Metallics are one of the new trends this year and what better way than to have your brides in subtle, glitzy metallic’s that would make for great transition from day to night? Metalllics aren’t for everyone though, so it would be best to mix and match some of the bridal party to create a truly unique look.
  • ¾ length sleeves – For fall weddings, this will be perfect for those quite chilly moments. Many designers can include this and will give your wedding party and elegant and refined look.


  • Neutrals for summer – Summer is usually full of colour especially if you choose a venue that is full of flowers and has an array of colours. How about choosing neutrals for the maids to truly stand out?
  • Bold floral prints – This is a great choice for that full splash of colour. You can choose similar prints or choose to mix and match prints. But be careful to not choose prints that are too different or clash in colour or tone.
  • Complimentary tones – Choosing colours that are different yet complement each other works very well like choosing purple and turquoise dresses. For bold colours, ensure they do not clash with your theme but they complement each other.