How Can I Find Best Asian Wedding Venues in London

If you want to have a traditional Asian wedding or a wedding that incorporates different cultures, you should be able to find a perfect Asian wedding venue in London. Good thing is that there are all kinds of these venues today, ranging from the most luxuries hotel ballrooms to the most traditional Hindu wedding scenes. You can easily find the exact location that suits your budget and preferences today.

There are so many benefits that go with personalizing your wedding. To start with, it is a great way to showcase and embrace your culture. It is also a way to pimp up the celebratory atmosphere with something out of the ordinary. A wedding is one of those things that happen once in a lifetime, therefore you have to give yours the best shot for great memories in the future.

For an Asian themed wedding, you can wear an Asian wedding dress, enjoy local delicacies from home, and serve drinks made from some of the flavours back at home. You can also have your wedding cake in a fun design that depicts the Asian culture. It can for instance be henna-inspired. All these will go well with an Asian wedding venue.

Asian wedding venues

The kinds of Asian wedding venues available in London

  1. Luxurious venues. These are usually grand and very impressive and can help create the thrill required for your wedding
  2. Outdoor venues. There are plenty of pretty gardens and parks that will provide a perfect environment for your wedding and also for your perfect wedding pictures.
  3. Banqueting halls. These entail elegantly decorated spaces that will provide a great venue for your wedding reception
  4. Dry hire venues. They are usually cheaper and will be perfect choices for people who are planning to bring their own Asian wedding caterer
  5. Manor houses. These are usually stately homes or fascinating country homes  that can hold a perfect wedding

Cavendish Banqueting- Asian Wedding

With those options in mind, here is how you can find the best Asian wedding venue in London:

  1. Decide on the size of venue you need for your wedding. The size of the venue will be determined by the number of guests you want at your wedding and also on your budget. There are various venue sizes: there are those that can hold under 100 guests, 500 guests and 1000 guests and so on. The amount of money you pay for the venue is determined by its size; therefore work with your budget to get a perfect venue.
  2. Decide on the wedding date. Some venues are available on certain dates and not on others. You therefore have to work with your wedding date or potential wedding dates to find out what is available, and then you can choose a venue from that. If you have a particular venue in mind, find out when it is available, and then fix your wedding on that date.
  3. The location of the venue is also important. Determine where you want your wedding to be held, and with that, you can find an Asian wedding venue in that particular area. If on the other hand, you are looking for a particular type of venue, you might have to shift your wedding location to that particular venue.
  4. Think about the spaces you might need during the wedding depending on the events that will take place during that day. You will for instance need enough space for dancing, for Hindu mandap and so on. Your chosen venue should also accommodate all the ceremonies and rituals that will take place during and after the wedding.
  5. Consider the weather too, especially if you want an outdoor setting for your wedding.