Where to Find the Best Suit for Groom

  • Where to Find the Best Suit for Groom

While a man’s  in her wedding dress, he definitely wants to look nice. A groom’s wedding suit is an important piece of the wedding plan but sadly just one on a very long list of things needed for the wedding. Budgets are of the essence. The following brands know how to be chic and affordable at the same time.

  • Nautica

    If you’re looking to go classic, then Nautica has got you covered. The Nautica Men’s Two-Piece Classic Fit Suit with Two-Button Side Vent Jacket and Pant speaks volume where elegance is concerned. It goes for between $79.45 – $99.99. It is a two-piece suit that’s made of polyester and viscose.

  • Haggar Clothing

    Like other stores, they offer a wide range of suit types. If you’re a man that’s obsessed with the classy edge pin stripped suits have, then the Haggar Men’s Textured Pinstripe Tailored-Fit Two-Button Suit Separate Coat fits in just right with this kind of option. Your budget range is between $42.87 and $93.09 and some choices can be returned for free if they don’t please you.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Solid sounds intact. Not too much. Just perfect male aura. Not every groom wants to fumble with matching up colours. You won’t go wrong especially not with the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Two Button Stretch Performance Solid Suit. It is a little more expensive than its counterparts but it is worth every dime. The price range is between $110.01 and $303.23

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction

    If you want to save money chances are that you don’t mind a wedding suit that will stick around for another occasion. The Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Black-Solid Suit Separate Pant is wrinkle resistant and doesn’t cross the $35.18 – $89.00 threshold.

  • Stacy Adams

    Guys who love vesting their suit up will love the Stacy Adams Men’s Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit from this designer. The price $72.47 – $99.99 range is fair considering the make and accentuated finish of the suit.

  • Jones New York

    You don’t have to live in New York to know about this clothing line. Jones New York Men’s Classic Fit Navy Solid Suit will guarantee you a considerable amount of ego boost on your wedding day. It is affordable too.  Any man would be willing to pay between $178.32 and $218.76 for the tremendous ego boost and style. There are more options too.

  • Perry Ellis

    Imagine standing on the altar, patiently waiting for your bride and stealing the limelight while you’re at it with a brown that seems to compliment every bit of your looks. The Perry Ellis Men’s Two Button Vested Brown Slim Fit Pindot Suit will do that for you and ask you for over $100 to make a memory. Most grooms in the world won’t mind that.

  • Geoffrey Beene

    Again, the range of suits will leave you spoilt for choice. Some grooms will need a particular feel that only the Geoffrey Beene Big & Tall Tonal Neat Jacket. It looks as powerful and classy as its black colour. $198 is a match for the princely attitude you exude when you wear this suit.


The kind of man you are certainly has a big role to play in the kind of wedding suit you choose. The world Where to Find the Best Suit for Groomwill never run out of stores so the important thing here is who you are and how you say that with what you wear on one of the most important day of your life. Check out our blog for more useful tips on wedding planning.