The best wedding venue

  • Great wedding venue with good logistic
  • perfect wedding venue for a great first dance

Weddings come once in a lifetime for most people so everything needs to be just right. Having your friends and family there to witness your special day is one of the best feelings in the world and choosing a venue where you will exchange vows and commemorate this lovely occasion is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding.

Here are few things to consider in choosing the best wedding venue

  1. Location

    The geographical location of the wedding is important as it will help you determine quite a number of factors. If it is in the city, then you might need to factor in traffic and other logistics to ensure that your guests arrive on time and so do you. If it’s a country wedding, you might consider how your guests will arrive, the weather and where your guests will stay over the course of the wedding. The location determines accessibility of other adjacent locations you might use for your photo shoot and reception so factor this in mind when choosing a venue.Great wedding venue with good logistic

  2. Time of the year

    The time of the year is a major factor in choosing a venue. Once your date has been set, keep in mind your ideal wedding. Do you want a winter, spring or autumn wedding? Once you factor in the season you can ensure that you can factor in dressing, catering, transport and other logistics to ensure that all goes well on your wedding day.

  3. Indoors or out?

    This is closely factored in with the location and the time of the year so that you can decide whether to have a garden wedding if the weather is favorable or you would rather have the wedding in a spacious venue to ensure everything runs smoothly without worrying whether the weather might drastically change over the course of the day.

  4.  Themeperfect wedding venue for a great first dance

    The theme of your wedding is also an important factor in selecting a venue. For those who want the landscape to feature heavily in the wedding, then the location and weather play a huge role in venue selection. You also have the choice of choosing a hotel, home or indoor venue which can be made up to suit your theme. Keep in mind most décor vendors can recreate nearly any theme so you have a variety of options at hand.



This guide will help you choose the best wedding venue for your upcoming wedding