• Just Engaged? Your First Wedding Planning To-Dos

    So you have just gotten engaged, you are extremely excited and cannot wait for the big day to walk down the aisle! Well, the truth is that being engaged is only the first step; planning a wedding is a lengthy task. In fact, planning a wedding is something that you start long before the wedding […]

  • How to Personalize Your Ceremony

    Your wedding ceremony is a one-time lifetime event that you will get to remember for the rest of your life. Making it unique and personal is a must because it gives your loved ones and yourselves a piece of your love, creativity and have fun with it in the process, Here are some ways to […]

  • Best Wedding Vows For Your Special Day

    In wedding planning, there is a concept known as personalizing your wedding. This is where you choose to pick the colors, and themes that reflect your tastes and preferences as a couple. There is always a leeway to inject as much ideas as possible, if they serve to personalize the wedding and give it your […]

  • 7 Ways to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

    Getting a life partner is one of life’s best gifts and getting an engagement ring could be something you have sought after for months to get the perfect choice. However, picking a wedding ring to go with it could be something we push to the side and don’t put much thought into. This does not […]

  • 5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes

    So much hype, glamour, and dramatization has been depicted around marriage proposals that it is even hard knowing what is right, what is wrong. Contrary to what TV and the entertainment world want us to all believe, you don’t have to propose to your girlfriend in front of cameras or with crowds shouting. In fact, […]

  • Halal and Kosher Food and Catering Options

    Halal and Kosher Food and Catering Options When it comes to the type of meat we serve, we can offer a Halal only menu for our Muslim clients. We will not serve any type of pork or meat from pigs. We recognise that no halal meal can ever comprise meat from swine and one of […]

  • Tips On Wedding Planning and Budgeting

    What does our Free Wedding Planning Service mean? If you are having your wedding at Cavendish Banqueting, you are assigned a dedicated event planner. They will guide you through all that you need to make your wedding the way you want it. They will suggest suppliers to suit your budgets and help you to coordinate […]

  • 6 Cool Theme Party Ideas for Grown Ups Everyone Will Enjoy

    ere are some awesome ideas for party with a theme everyone will enjoy Adult Tea Party This may sound like a party for children, but this theme can be transformed into an adult friendly theme too Spread the theme to include all that is the Mad Hatter. This means wild decorations and outfits, and great […]

  • Top 4 Reasons To Fall In Love With Wedding Planning

    If you’re feeling a bit confused and stressed on where to start your journey, we have some great reasons to fall in love with your wedding planning. Have a read and take away some true wedding inspiration. Bridal Catwalk Check out wedding exhibitions and clips online our images of past events done by us to […]

  • Useful Tips for Joyful Hosting

    Think of the perfect summer evening relaxing with friends and family with a tranquil, wine filled dinner party becomes a popular option. Affordable luxury catering is a great way to achieve this- stress free. If you’re like us, you’d love to create the perfect vibe and spoil your friends with delicious food, but would rather […]