How to Choose The Best Venue, And best Wedding Dress For Your Big Day

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Choosing the right wedding venue and the perfect wedding address are probably some of the most difficult choices you’ll make in life. The wedding venue tells a lot not just about your personal taste, but also determines whether you’re guests will depart with a memorable or below average experience. Likewise, a wedding dress is often the center of attraction in most weddings; many friends and family members always eagerly await the arrival of the bride, if anything but to see her choice of wedding dress. In this regard, it’s prudent that you considwedding-image-13er a few basics when it comes to picking the two;

  • Before booking a wedding venue, always find time to visit it and evaluate its suitability one on one. How spacious is the venue? Does it have a nicely furnished dining hall? Does it offer additional services like catering? Does it have an audio system; is the lighting perfect just in case the wedding extends to the evening? These are some of the things you must ask yourself before rushing to book a wedding venue.
  • Secondly, you’ll need to consider whether the wedding venue is open to the kind of wedding you wish to have. Some venues specialize on certain themes, for instance Cavendish Banqueting, one of the leading wedding venue and planners in the UK, tends to specialize more on weddings with an Indian theme. Thus, if you are looking for a venue that adds a touch of Indian culture, cuisine, and that unique Indian atmosphere, this is a good bet. You thus need to research a bit about the venue you’re interested in.
  • When it comes to getting the perfect wedding dress, you have to balance delicately. You need to look desirable but also decent, stylish but within the norms, unique but not exaggerated. Usually, the trick lies in getting a dress that highlights what you’re best endowed with (could be your bust, hips), whiwedding dressle camouflaging what you’re not comfortable with (maybe your belly or fat in the hips).
  • You can also consult a wedding planner or stylist, to help advice on the best dress for your big day. Also when shopping for the dress, be sure to have a close friend accompany you as you try the different dresses available. Try walking and sitting down in the dress to test its comfort.

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