Top 10 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Venue for Your Wedding

The choice of your wedding venue can be the make or break factor; it greatly determines the success of your wedding and if you get a great venue, your day is likely to be a colorful one, and one that guests enjoy. If you go for a bad venue, the entire wedding could backfire badly, and lead to things going haywire. There are several things you must always consider before choosing the right wedding venue;


  1. Location; the location of the wedding venue is one of the most important considerations. Is the venue located in a place that family and friends can easily access? Remember there will be movements from the photo shoots, to the church or temple where the couple will wed, before finally retiring to their main venue; it should be conveniently located.
  2. Availability; a wedding venue may meet all your requirements, but is it available on the day you need it? Always book the venue early if you can.
  3. Size; the size of the wedding venue should be able to comfortably hold all your guests. A small venue will make the entire mood congested, while a very big wedding venue with few guests will make the place look ghostly.
  4. Weather; the weather of the wedding day will also determine your choice of a venue. For instance, you can’t opt for a beach wedding on a rainy day or during a huge storm. Therefore, weather variations like sunshine, rainfall, etc, should always inform your choice of wedding venue.
  5. Cost; some wedding venues are costlier than others, depending on the facilities it has. Thus always look at your budget before opting for a certain venue.
  6. Facilities; some wedding venues offer tents, chairs, decorations, and other facilities needed on the wedding day. Others don’t. The former is always a better bargain, and thus more preferable.
  7. Extra services; again, some wedding venues double up and offer outside catering services. You thus get a venue, and the management also prepares foods and drinks for the guests.
  8. Car park; the wedding venue should be able to accommodate all the cars of the guests, and guarantee safety once they’re parked.
  9. Entertainment; find out if the wedding venue can accommodate a music band, dancing troupe, magicians, or whatever form of entertainment that you’ve chosen.
  10. Religious aspect; some venues are available for Indian weddings only, or for Christian weddings, while others are non religious. Always find out beforehand, whether the management of the venue permits religious rituals to take place.