5 Tips to consider when choosing your wedding theme

You have been looking forward to the day of your wedding and you want it to be everything you dreamed and imagined. With family and friends ready to support you and be with you on your special day, you would like your wedding to be a reflection of your relationship and your union and what’s more important than choosing your wedding theme.

Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing your wedding theme

  1. Venue or location – This sets the foundation of the wedding and will determine where your reception and evening party will be. The venue will cost the biggest amount in the budget so it is important to choose a venue that is ideal, reflects your personality and works for you in all ways. Make sure the venue and the theme you had in mind mesh well, ensure the space, landscape and features can work well with whatever theme you have in mind.
  2. You and your spouse’s personality – Think about what you and your spouse are like. What are you interests, hobbies and passions? What are some key words, phrases that describe the both of you? Your theme should reflect both your personalities and the union of both worlds. Most people think about what a wedding should be rather than think about what you and your spouse tastes are. Incorporate what means the world to you both, as quirky and unique as it may be.


  1. The season – The season plays a huge role in theme selections. If you are having a romantic garden wedding, the best time to do so would be in spring or summer. Is there a certain time of the year that appeals to you, like fall, where reds and browns play a major role? This would influence your theme and colour scheme. Consider what the weather may be like especially if you choose an outdoor wedding. If you would like an indoor wedding, maybe the best time would be fall or winter when you might get a better rate for the venue.
  2. Colours – Choosing colours is a daunting task and may take time. Choose the colour in mind of the venue, the season and personal preference.
  3. Budget and costs – Ultimately your budget will be important as it will guide you in selecting a venue, theme and decor within your budget. Some themes are more expensive than other for example; a formal theme will be more expensive than a vintage or rustic theme. .