6 Cool Theme Party Ideas for Grown Ups Everyone Will Enjoy

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ere are some awesome ideas for party with a theme everyone will enjoy

  1. Adult Tea Party

This may sound like a party for children, but this theme can be transformed into an adult friendly theme too

Spread the theme to include all that is the Mad Hatter. This means wild decorations and outfits, and great tea and cake serving.

Its also a great idea to have loads of playing cards so your guests can play some games that fit the theme.

  1. Rock and Roll

This is a great idea especially if you are a lover of rock and roll music.

Create a playlist including all your favourite rock bands, dress in rocker themed clothing and decorate the rooms with posters, black lights and, love beads and lava lamps


  1. Casino Night

Most people would love an escape to Vegas, but a Vegas themed party is the next best thing which makes guest feel like they are there.

Adorn the space with dice and playing cards. Serve cocktails from plastic glasses and lay out a buffet table with gorgeous snacks.

Ask your guests to dress in their best casino wear and enjoy poker or blackjack.

  1. Back To Prom

Throw it back to your childhood with a re-creation of your high school prom or ball.

Its a great way to recall and an awesome chance to get totally dolled up

Also, retro is always stylish

  1. Jungle Party


Release your inner animal natures with a jungle party theme. Male guests can come as Tarzan and the females as Jane

Turn your room in to a jungle with large plants, green streamers, green balloons and by hanging images of jungle animals on the wall


  1. Fancy Dress Party


Re-live your childhood with dressing up as whoever you want to be. Your guests will love the chance to do this.

Encourage everyone to wear their favourite character or costume. Set a theme for example singers, or just let everyone come with their own ideas.

Its also fun to make the party a masquerade fancy dress theme where the guests are anonymous until the masks are off.