Cool Wedding Ideas for Summer

For some reason, most people prefer having their weddings during summer.  There are different unique and cool ideas of how to plan your wedding during summer. Before the wedding, the couple is supposed to plan a good bridal shower to celebrate the end of being single and the beginning of marriage in a few days. This article provides different ideas of how to have a cool wedding during summer.

A cute way to your bridesmaids

You can include a personal photo book of you and your fiancée. The photo book provides a story of how he proposed, and a list of all invited friends to be the bridesmaids. This is a unique and sweet way that any friend will appreciate.

Having your cocktail hour before the ceremony

Having the cocktail party before the ceremony, presents a more relaxed and happy crowd. The guests are able to loosen up and mingle before the ceremony begins.

Rompers for your bridesmaids

Summer has a cool and fine weather. The bride can be able to choose more relaxed clothing like rompers. They are light, affordable, comfortable, and therefore very easy to move around in. Forget the matching bridesmaids’ robes and be more unique and good looking with rompers.

Balloons for centerpieces

Balloons make an empty room look very creative. They are cost effective and always a symbol for a ceremony. They are affordable and easy to design compared to flowers.

Printing your menu on the wine bottles

Being able to print the wedding menu on the wine bottle saves table space, paper and printing money. Printing and designing cards for your guests can be very costly. All the guests are able to serve themselves with wine. This presents an opportunity for them to glance at the menu.

Hanging flowers for your wedding décor

If your wedding décor is a bit tight, you can always go for seasonal flowers. They are cheap in the flower shops. Your designer can hang a few of the flowers upside down for a stunning but simple look. Being within your budget is very important and helpful after the wedding.

Use flowers as favors

One is able to use wedding flowers for repurpose issues. Repurpose the flowers as favors for your wedding guests. This lowers your budget cost and saves you a lot.