How A Food And Catering Service Should Be

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If you love cooking and serving your friends family, strangers, and are passionate about it, chances are that you’d make a good caterer. However, food catering is more than just cooking food and presenting it to your guests. You’re in business and for the business to perform well, it’s important that you satisfy your guests. You’ll need a combination of every skill in the book, from the ability to prepare tasty food, having courtesy and passion for what you do, and sound financial skills. Your main goal should be to satisfy and impress your clients; profitability and fame will come much later. Have a look at the below qualities of a good food and catering service;


  • Honesty; honesty is the best policy in any business, remember that? When it comes to food and catering services, your clients will visit or call you frequently seeking to make enquiries; never exaggerate or promise what you can’t offer. If a client is seeking a caterer for 500 persons and are only able to cater for 200 at most, be honest about that! Catering businesses are built on reputation and referrals; the last thing you want is negative publicity emanating from a client you disappointed or lied to.
  • Open to criticism; even the best chefs and hotels in the world get criticized. What matters is that you take that positively and see what you can improve on. If a client says that they didn’t like your food presentation, or you put so much salt in the food, or that the venue wasn’t decorated as nicely as promised; they say the customer is always right. Listen to your clients and promise to improve on your services next time. Don’t be discouraged, even the leading food and catering service providers started low and made mistakes too.
  • Variety; in a huge cosmopolitan city like London, you’ll come across clients from every corner of the world. There’ll be that couple seeking a food and catering service provider for their beach wedding, there’s an Indian couple in the heart of London looking for a caterer to serve in an Indian themed wedding, and so on so forth. You should be able to adapt very fast and fit into what your client seeks. This will also mean the ability to prepare different cuisines so as to meet your client’s tastes and preferences.
  • Open on weekends; most of the events that you’ll attend in the line of duty could very well be over the weekend. Most weddings and family event tend to be done on Saturdays; be on standby in case your services are required. Similarly, there are times a client will say that their event ends at 5pm, but as more and more guests arrive, you find the event extending to 8pm. What do you do, do you leave? Nay! Be flexible, it is better to be inconvenienced and complain to the client once the event is over, than to embarrass and inconvenience your client in front of so many guests.
  • Have fun; food and catering is an art, you have to keep trying out new ideas, learn new things, and so on. While at it, have fun, be bold and confident trying out new concepts. If your client has entrusted you to decorate a wedding venue in line with a certain theme, feel free to seek advice from colleagues, the internet is also a rich source of ideas.  In essence, just have fun and be passionate about your job, and it’ll reward you back.

As a client seeking to hire a food and catering service provider, pick one that has a solid reputation and is experienced enough. As such, you’re unlikely to be disappointed along the way.