Bucket List – Honeymoon Ideas

A honeymoon is the most enjoyable part for the newlyweds. The joy and memories one makes as they start their marriage journey should be memorable indeed! A honeymoon can be way costly, depending on the ideas the couples have and what they wanted to do before they started settling down. Making a bucket list entails things the couple wants to do or dreams of exploring together;


1. Destination; every couple has a specific place they always want to go together. A romantic place that they can just spend an alone time and plan on how their marriage life will be. This might be on an island, or on an African safari, or a romantic getaway to the Himalayas, to mention but a few.

2. Hotels; after picking out an awesome destination, the couple should then decide on which romantic hotel or suite that they will be staying in. They can search for a honeymoon package that combines the honeymoon destination with nice accommodation.

3. Activities; the couple should choose what they will be engaging in during their honeymoon. It might be something they have always wanted to do together, or fear doing. Like bungee jumping or even hiking. They can sign up for sports, a spa day and even a night out for drinks.

4. Duration; this depends on how long they decided the honeymoon will take. It might be a week or even more. The more time you spend with your new partner the better the foundation you lay for your marriage life. Couples should try not to cut back on the time they set for each other.

5. Memory; the couple can engage in an activity like making a video or a song together. The video and song can be about them. The things they have gone through to reach where they have reached so far.

6. Being kinky; being sexually active is one of the most important aspects in a honeymoon. The couple should explore what they have always wanted to do. They should be able to love each other in all ways. Being kinky is just exploring your partners’ body in every way possible.

7. Dressing; there’s always that one way you have secretly wanted your partner to dress up. Be it in bed, when attending a party or even on a normal day. Basically, the idea is to have fun and laugh together about anything.

8. Cost; having to go to a honeymoon, whether locally or abroad, is costly. Thus depending on your budget, the 2 of you should discuss and agree on how much you wish to spend on your honeymoon.

9. Traveling; a honey moon is not just about where you are heading, it is also about how you arrive there! You could visit new places, ride on a bus rather taking a flight, spend a night in the countryside, before finally arriving at your destination. Always have as much fun as possible on the way.

10. Making a baby; one can enlist getting pregnant in their bucket list. There is nothing as sweet as making a baby from the most memorable place you’ve been.