How to Have a Good Indian Wedding

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Simple is the solution. An Indian wedding doesn’t have to be a lavish or costly affair that will frustrate you. The purpose of the wedding is for to celebrate your union in marriage under your cultural canopy. Here are tips to ensure that you have a good Indian wedding:

  • Find the right venue indian wedding

    Indian weddings are big on traditions and culture. Find a venue that reflects the Indian culture and symbolism. This is necessary to make your family and friends feel at ease in a foreign country. Making them happy is a giant step towards a happy wedding. If you invest your time in it you can easily find avenue that provides you all the best features at an affordable cost.

  • Keep it a small affair of immediate family and friends

    You don’t have to invite your distant uncles and cousins to the wedding. To speak the truth you might hardly know each other. They are an extra baggage likely to cause you headache especially if they start to get grumpy.

  • Interact morewedding

    You are only happy at a wedding if your friends and family are happy. You can keep them happy by interacting with them. Greet every close friends and family member at the wedding and make them feel appreciated for traveling far and wide to grace the occasion. Shorten the proceedings and speeches: It is tiring both for you and your guests.

  • Dance

    Let the DJ play music that everyone wants to hear; a mix of Indian and western music won’t hurt. Join your uncles and aunties and break it down on the dance floor.

  • Catering

    Provide an extensive wine list and variety of foods. It is better and easier if the venue features its own catering. Ask to work with experienced chefs who understand Indian cuisine. Once you manage to keep the number of invitees minimal catering should be easy.

  • Photography

    You want to capture every moment on your big day. It is good to plan in advance and hire professional photographers who won’t mess up your pictures. This way you will have your best day frozen in time for future remembrance. You can also send your guests some of the photos after the wedding as an appreciation for their presence.

Indian weddings are known for affluence and grandeur but it is the simple things that matter. Show off will leave you frustrated and unhappy in the end.