How to Plan Your Wedding in 2016


Planning for a wedding can be a stressful endeavor, owing to the number of activities to be taken care of. One golden rule crucial to planning a wedding is early preparation. 2016 is just around the corner and depending on the actual wedding date, the following factors will help you plan for a memorable wedding in 2016;
The Wedding Theme

This could be in terms of the type of wedding, the color theme, the current trends and new ideas. The types of wedding theme include:

Asian themed wedding
• Western themed wedding
• African themed wedding
• Jewish themed wedding
• Hindu themed wedding

This is strongly influenced by religious backgrounds; however some aspects of these wedding themes may be incorporated into different wedding themes to bring out a desired theme. Dressing and beauty tips for instance, will influence the bride’s gown and the whole bridal team attires.

Choice of Venue and Booking Details
A simple ceremony with a few guests will translate into a smaller venue while a wedding with lots of formalities and a huge number of invites will call for a large venue. Ultimately, the choice of your wedding venue will depend on your preferences and on your budget. Whichever the case, ensure that your preferred venue is booked in advance to avoid missing out on your perfect venue.

The Wedding Budget
Budgeting for a wedding can be tricky. Setting some limits and cutting off unnecessary expenditure works best. The golden tip is always to work within your budget so as to avoid accumulating debts long after the wedding.

Entertainment and other Services
Having a DJ or your favorite musician or band provide entertainment is always a cool idea. If this is what works best for you, be sure to book them in advance. In addition, picking a professional photographer, videographer, caterers and florists in advance and following up to ensure every detail is in check, ensures the events of the big day flow as anticipated.

Wedding Date and Honeymoon Destination
Picking your wedding date will depend largely on the season of the year and planning details for the wedding. This is also the case when picking the honeymoon destination. Decide on the type of honeymoon you would like, how far to travel, your schedules and the time factor.

Planning for a wedding can be tedious and time consuming, amid all the excitement that comes with having a colorful wedding. If you are considering a venue in London, seek professional advice from service providers who will guarantee professionalism and give you an expected end. Cavendish Banqueting is one of the most popular companies that offers professional advice in wedding planning and assures you of cool ideas to incorporate in your wedding.