How To Set A Wedding Budget


Deciding on the best budget for a wedding can be stressful; there are just too many things to be done within that single special way. But don’t worry much about that, we’re here to assist you to come up with a perfect wedding regardless of the budget at hand. You just need to consult and organize; the rest will fall into place pretty easily thereafter. You want a romantic wedding on the beach side, or a lavish one in a top end hotel, or even a simple church wedding with less than a hundred friends and families; whatever your choice, you will need to have a budget that encompasses all the ideas you’ve decided to inject in the wedding.

How to set a wedding budget

As a good organizer and one that wants their wedding day to go on well, these are the questions you must ask yourself;

  • Who’s financing the wedding; some families often decide to pay for their children’s weddings. Other times, the couple may pay for the wedding with little help from friends. It is very important that you discuss this point with your friends and family just to set the record straight. As a couple, speak to each family separately so that you have a candid and progressive discussion. Usually, you can suggest that the family commit to an amount they’ll be okay with, and then combine with what the other family will pledge. You can add up the figures and decide whether you need to chip in a bit more, or whether the amount is enough. You can also opt to have each family pledge what aspect of the wedding they’ll finance.

How to set a wedding budget

  • Splitting the day’s activities; once you have handled the funds issue and have an idea of the amount at your disposal, start breaking down the day’s activities. The reason why most weddings have hitches and inconveniences is that some planners take for granted individual tasks. Allocate a budget to every activity and ensure you allocate something for a just-in-case kind of scenario. Usually, the Reception get’s the lion Share of the budget, followed by attire, photography, music/entertainment, flowers, transport, and weddings rings, and so on so forth. Professional wedding planners will tell you that, even with the best planning and budgeting, some many things can and do go wrong. So, have about 5% of your total budget set aside for the scenario we’ve mentioned earlier, a just-in-case scenario.

Honeymoon - how to set a Wedding Budget

  • Honeymoon; the honeymoon should be looked at differently because in most cases there are many things to consider. Families may want to pay for their kid’s honeymoon and want to keep it secret until the last minute. At other times, the couple has different ideas of the honeymoon destination. So you’ll find that most couples would rather concentrate on planning and budgeting for the wedding, once everything has fallen into place, they can now look into the honeymoon destination. Couples can save together jointly for a duration of time even as they discuss the ideal honeymoon destination. In case their families or friends decide to pay for that later, they can always divert their savings into other projects. Some honeymoon destinations will offer you handsome discounts if you book early and start paying in small installments.


As a couple, don’t hesitate to consult and bring on board your families and friends during the budgeting. If you’re looking for a professional and affordable wedding planner to work with here in London, get in touch. We are experienced and can handle any wedding theme you wish, we’re able to handle over 1,000 guests when it demands so. Our services include wedding planning and catering, we’re the real pros.