Ideas for your Bridesmaids – adding elegance in a wedding

The ultimate reason for the presence of the bridesmaids in a wedding is to complement the bride, while adding elegance in a wedding. Picking bridesmaids means bestowing responsibility upon your most trusted and valued friends or family members.


Choosing the wedding gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses and color theme;

An ideal bridesmaid will help you pick the most suitable wedding gown, the bridesmaid’s dresses and color theme, by adding their valuable opinions and agreeing on one decision together. An ideal bridesmaid will give their opinion and learn how to agree on a decision that does not necessarily reflect their tastes and still be contented.

Attending wedding fairs and making decisions

This is done prior to the wedding, to learn on new trends and other ideas that can be incorporated into the wedding. The bridesmaids should be involved in every step of the wedding preparation and carry out tasks as though they are actually planning their own wedding. This also includes making multiple cake tasting and dress fitting trips to ensure every detail is in place before the wedding.

Attending wedding rehearsals

As a bridesmaid, it is expected that they avail themselves for wedding rehearsals. This is necessary so as to ensure that all activities are coordinated and most especially if there are flower girls and pageboys to be guided. Coordinated matching of the maids and the groomsmen is essential as it ushers in walking of the bride down the aisle.

Addressing invitation cards and sending them

Bridesmaids should dedicate their time into inviting guests prior to the wedding and also ensuring that the guests are okay during the wedding.

Other duties include;

  • Carrying the bride’s make up bag
  • Helping the bride with the gown and especially when using the bathroom
  • Helping the bride and the little ones to dress on the morning of the wedding
  • Ensuring the bride and the entire bridal team have had their meals in time

Other Ideas for your bridesmaids

  • The choice of hair do and make up
  • The choice of jewelry and shoes

Your bridesmaids determine how successful your wedding is going to be, and should not be seen as a favor extended to them rather, an honor and a responsibility. As a bride, be upfront on what to expect from them.


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