Large Wedding Venue in London

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Large Wedding Venue in London by Cavendish Banqueting

Wedding venue it’s definitely one of the most important things about your wedding day. Especially a size of the wedding venue. You might have a stunning venue, perfect decor, and style, but if the size is not efficient to accommodate all your family and friends, you are in trouble.Large Wedding Venue in London

Here are some reasons why you should get a large wedding venue

Decor and style

The décor and style of the wedding venue play a big role in ensuring how much space is left to move around. Even if you wouldn’t think that, decor takes up a significant part of the space and can make a spacious wedding venue look much smaller. With this in mind, choose a large enough wedding space and make sure that the setting and décor blends well together.

Family and friends

You have to plan how many people will you invite and how many can comfortably fit inside the venue, important thing it’s not to forget that majority of people will bring their partner or friend and thus almost doubling the amount of people that will come to your wedding. As much as you want to accommodate many people to your wedding as possible, you also want to leave enough breathing space for everyone. Your walking space down the aisle should not be compromised.

Dancing space

Another important thing to realize it’s that people will be dancing on your big they, therefore you want to ensure that there is enough dancing space for everyone to dance, and have a good time. The last thing that you would want to happen it’s that people would not be able to dance because of the lack of space.big wedding venue


The advice above will ensure that you will choose a massive wedding venue in London, that can comfortably accommodate all your friends and family. Cavendish banqueting established in 2005 has a reputation of being the best and customer service, providing space to meet your wedding needs- dancing space, parking spaces. We also pride ourselves in offering both wedding ceremony and reception together, necessarily fabric and lighting to meet those needs. Our menus go above and beyond to meet your needs and are suited according to the different cultures, religions, communities and any other preferences.
Choose Cavendish banqueting today and let us make your dream wedding a memorable, fun and pleasant for you!