5 Things to Do To Manage Your Wedding Stress

Anyone who has ever been involved in wedding planning will attest to the fact that the whole process is emotionally draining and physically exhaustive, to say the least, If one is not careful, it is not uncommon to even develop high blood pressure and other conditions related to over thinking. In light of this, there are 5 basic tips to help you get over your wedding stress, so that the entire exercise isn’t an exercise that will leave you emotionally drained;

  1. Purpose not to get stressed; purpose within yourself to remain focused, and stress free. Each time frustrations or disappointments start piling up, tell yourself that you won’t let anything stress you, and that your wedding will still be a success. This subconscious decision to remain stress free will help you conquer your worries.
  2. Seek help in planning; don’t purport to be a jack of all trades simply because the wedding is yours. Delegate some duties and tasks to friends so that they ease some of your worries off your burden. For instance, get someone to handle the transport and logistics, have someone shop around for the best outside caterer or wedding venue, and so on so forth.
  3. Organizational skills; the reason most people get stressed during a wedding planning, is because they are doing things in haste, haphazardly. Get a pen and a paper, and list down all the things you need done, what’s accomplished, what’s pending, and so on so forth.
  4. Your life has to go on; don’t let your life, or your interests fade to the background simply because you are planning for a wedding. Balance between the two; find time to have fun with family and friends, make time for your favorite interests, while still planning your wedding.
  5. Wedding dance; a wedding dance is a great way to help relieve yourself and your spouse of stress, and to also entertain guests. Even as the wedding planning is in top gear, continue practicing your wedding dance behind the scenes. Nothing is as romantic and entertaining than pulling a wedding dance on your big day, without even anyone expecting it! The dance helps you forget the painstaking meetings you had to arrange, just to ensure that your special day is a success.


Planning and arranging for a wedding doesn’t have to be a stressful affair; make use of the above 5 tips to ensure that you liven up and shake off any stressful thoughts inside your mind.