5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes

So much hype, glamour, and dramatization has been depicted around marriage proposals that it is even hard knowing what is right, what is wrong. Contrary to what TV and the entertainment world want us to all believe, you don’t have to propose to your girlfriend in front of cameras or with crowds shouting. In fact, many ladies have found such attention too much to handle and consequently run off, when proposed to in public. There’s no perfect time to propose to a girl; the day you decide to go on your knees may very well be the day you injure your leg, or it rains so heavily you can’t kneel in the street. The secret thus lies in reading the signs of the time, and knowing the right time to do it.

  1. Never rush it; first and foremost, never rush to propose to a girl you are dating unless you are very sure she is into it. The fact that you are dating her, or have slept with her doesn’t necessarily mean that she is ready to spend her entire life with you. Thus, always propose only when you are sure there are chances that she too wants it.
  2. It doesn’t have to be in front of audiences; sure, there is something unique and irresistible about proposing to a girl in public when everyone else is watching. But this may backfire badly and leave you embarrassed, to say the least. Remember that there’s always the anxiety on the side of the girl and if she feels that all eyes on her, she may very well run and lock herself in the washrooms or nearest exit. But if the signs are that she is the bold and confident type and circumstances are right, then there is no harm in doing it publicly.
  3. It should be a secret; the thing about a wedding proposal is that it should be a surprise for it to have all its glory and appeal. Avoid letting the cat out of the bag too early. Some men have a habit of sharing the news with everyone around them apart from the girl! The last thing you want is for her to hear about it from friends or family. Thus keep the secret to yourself, and purpose to make it a surprise she won’t expect or resist.
  4. Have a ring at hand; a proposal to your girl is always a sign of how much you love and want to spend your life with her. Thus, having an engagement ring at hand is the only way to go, to act as a reminder for the day she accepted your request to marriage. Some men tend to get carried away to an extent of proposing to their girl without a ring; the girl may accept, but it is never advisable to go this way.
  5. Confidence is king; last but not least, always be confident when proposing to a girl. True, your mouth may feel dry, you may sweat a bit; but remember your girl will be watching and any signs of fear or shyness may not be so impressive.