How to plan your Music & Entertainment for your Wedding


Music and entertainment are an integral part of any wedding, in fact, once the vows have been exchanged, this is one of the areas that most people look forward to most. Therefore when planning, this is one area that must always be given keen consideration. There are several things that will guide your choice of wedding music and entertainment;

Know your Guests; Before anything else, start by asking yourself, who will be the guests in the wedding, what’s their age bracket, what kind of music would entertain them all? The same kind of music and entertainment that would rock in a wedding for a couple in their 60s, may not really be as entertaining to a couple in their 20s, for instance. However, the trick is always to balance, go for music and entertainment that would entertain across the board.

Live Band, or Dj; This is another thing that should guide you. Nowadays, the new craze in town has been to hire a live band to entertain guests. This has been popular especially in evening parties where guests want to dance to live music. However, others still prefer the good old Dj’s, mixing one tune to another in a way that leaves everyone mesmerized.

Diversity; while Music is the dominant form of entertainment in weddings, also spice up things by incorporating new ideas. For instance, you could get a wedding magician to come and perform their tricks during the reception. A good magician will not just entertain children thoroughly, but can also leave adults in laughter with their mind boggling stunts.


Setting; The venue and setting of your wedding is also a major consideration when planning on music and entertainment. If you plan to have a beach wedding, with the sun setting romantically in the distance, you’d be better off with a saxophonist blurting out romantic tunes, than say, having a Dj around. Likewise, the same kind of music you play on the wedding venue in front of parents and family, isn’t the same kind of music you’d play in an evening party. Thus take note of such dynamics.

Get a demo; A good wedding band or entertainer should provide you with a demo, before they actual wedding day. This could be a demo of them performing in a previous wedding, showing not just how they performed on stage, but also how guests responded. Go for an entertainer who can thrill the guests and also build rapport with them.