Muslim Weddings

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Muslim wedding venues around North West London are always in fierce competition, because Muslim weddings are a big industry. Muslim weddings will always be a huge event, because for many people it will be the main opportunity they get to reconnect with their family.

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In some cultures, a Muslim wedding venue must cater for a segregated seating – something that here at Cavendish in Colindale we are exceptionally experienced with. Some customers will opt for partly segregated, with a divider between the men and the women in the main hall only, but for the more strict customers we will offer a separate entrance for men and women.

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In a women’s Muslim wedding venue function, we will also provide female staff, to ensure that no male staff will ever enter the hall while the women are there.

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As a Muslim wedding venue, Cavendish Banqueting in London also provide Halal catering in a variety of styles, from Indian (Pakistani) to Middle Eastern, including Turkish, Lebanese and everything that fits under the broad banner of ‘Arabic’. Muslim wedding venues must also provide for customers who would like to cater their own function – a service which Cavendish also provides.

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Among the Muslim Wedding Venues in North West London, Cavendish London is a clear favourite.

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