How to Personalize Your Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is a one-time lifetime event that you will get to remember for the rest of your life. Making it unique and personal is a must because it gives your loved ones and yourselves a piece of your love, creativity and have fun with it in the process,

Here are some ways to personalize your ceremony.

Personalize the setting

Personalize the environment and setting by arranging the seating in a unique way that will give your guests a chance to mingle and get to know each other. This will help break the awkward tradition of separating the groom and bride’s guests.


Personalize your vows by writing themselves. This is a good way for your friends and loved ones to have the experience you genuinely express your love to each other.

Get creative

Add a bit of creativity by doing a special ceremony that both of you would enjoy. You are free to choose if you would like this to be religious or not, for example, a knot tying ceremony or a broom skipping ceremony.

Special ‘Thank you’ notes

You can give out special ‘thank you’ notes to give to your guests before they leave. The notes can say ‘Thank you for making our special day, extra special with your attendance.’ This will excite your guests and give them a memorable token to keep.

Personalize your program

Add your engagement photos and memorable photos of you as a couple to your program. You can also add the story of how you met or funny stories about your relationship. This will be a good way to get your guests to feel part like part of your special day and journey.

Take away gifts

Give your friends and family special‘take away’ gifts to take home. The gifts could be for example, coffee cups or glasses with your pictures or special messages. These gifts will be something that your friends can keep for a long time.

Special video

You can have a special video or slide show that can be played before the ceremony or at your reception. This will be a good time filler and ice breaker among your guests.

Choose your music

Make sure to choose your music that is personal to you. Personalize the music that you will use to walk down the aisle, first dance and at the reception,

Ring bearer

Choose something unique to have your ring bearer carry your wedding bands in,

Pick a backdrop

Have a special backdrop that will be used by your guests pose in front of and take pictures

Happy Tears Tissues

Give out tissues in a basket written happy tissues for your guests to use during those happy times when they will shed a tear or two.

Something for the kids

Give special gifts like coloring books and toys to the kids at the ceremony


Allow your guests and loved ones to give special speeches for you during the reception like the best man and woman together with your parents.