Planning a Wedding in London – Hints and Tips

Wondering how to organize a wedding in London? One of the first things you should know is that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world so couples may find it a little stressful to schedule the whole event. That being said, if you set a good wedding budget and organize effectively, it would be possible for you to find a good wedding venue and even save money.

When to Book A Wedding

Since your biggest expense would be towards the wedding venue you will have to start looking at your various options well in advance and compare them. You can save money if you are getting married off-season and book well in advance. It would also be a great idea to select a venue that offers a complete wedding package with the wedding cake, decoration theme, catering and everything else. Confirm the time and date for the ceremony well in advance and make a list so you can prioritize.

How to Save Money

If you have a tight wedding budget and want to save money on your London wedding then you will have to prioritize and decide what you want the most for your wedding. If you want you can go for very simple but elegant decoration themes and wedding cake to save a good amount of money. Ensure that you decide on inviting only close family and friends so you can arrange an effective table seating plan and have an affordable married.

Do not book any vendor or sign any contracts unless you check the wedding venue and sample the cake and the dishes to be served on the big day. There are several exciting venues in London where you can tie the knot from the Alexandra Palace, Queen Mary ship to London Eye and Tower Bridge.