Reception lighting 101

Just like certain pieces of jewelry enhance the overall look of an outfit, so does the proper lighting enrich the atmosphere at an event. Well thought out lighting can transform your reception venue into an enchanting space that will leave guests in awe. It can highlight all those details such as the flowers, cake and décor that you went into so much trouble to put together and make them glow. The right illumination can even create a special kind of shine on your guests. What then do you need to know before you book reception lighting for your event?


  1. Find a lighting specialist

After you have settled on a reception venue, it is advisable that you hire a lighting specialist. While you may have specific ideas on what sort of lighting you want for your occasion, the lighting specialist will advise what is doable and help you settle on the most ideal option. Where can you find a lighting specialist you ask? Your event coordinator or florist can refer you to one they have worked with in the past. Alternatively, the venue manager can advise on an expert that they usually work with who knows the lighting capabilities of the location. Be sure to ask to see the before and after images of any option you discuss.

  1. Wedding Style

Your reception style will influence the type of lighting that you eventually settle on. Are going for a classic look? Selecting crystal chandeliers will flawlessly add elegance to the ambience of the location. If you want to keep things modern, fill glass hurricanes with pillar candles – they will give off a soft glow and serve as decoration. Of course nothing says romance than twinkle lights hanging from roof rafters or draped on trees for an outdoor location. Hung twinkle lights and lanterns can act as fantastic ceremony backdrops or can be used to light up pathways.


  1. Special lighting effects

There are many creative ways to light up the reception venue using special lighting effects. You can project the initials of the bride and groom for a wedding or a logo if it’s a corporate event onto a wall, floor or ceiling by using gobo lighting for that personalized effect. Through pin spotting, you can highlight and draw attention to the center piece of an event, for instance a cake in a wedding. Color wash is a fantastic technique that spreads color throughout the room. Using color wash, the theme color can be used to blanket the reception venue totally transforming the space.


  1. Electricity usage

Should you be planning to have the event at a home as opposed to a hired space, it is important to consider just how much electricity will be used. If you choose a power-intensive lighting option, remember that other functions such as DJ or a band are also tapping to the same power source. If you are concerned about whether there is sufficient electricity to go round, get a generator as backup.