The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

There are many wedding traditions and customs that have been passed down over centuries and generations that make the wedding etiquette norms. As it is ideal to keep the old traditions alive, we are evolving and growing in this modern day and age. With the change of times and traditions there are new and modern etiquette rules that have been adopted.

Let’s take a look at some of the new rules of wedding etiquette in our society today.

Wearing white or black is no longer a taboo
Traditionally wearing white to a wedding would be termed as trying to steal the bride’s thunder and looked down upon. Although this may still apply we are now allowed to wear clothes with some white patches or cream outfits. There have also been ‘white themed weddings’ where the the couple asked everyone to white including the groom.
Wearing black was traditionally themed for funerals and wearing black at a wedding was a sign of bad luck. However, it is okay to wear black in a lighter shade or mixed up with other colors.


Plus one for engaged and married couples
Only engaged or married couples were always invited with a plus one and it was unethical to come with a plus one if you are not married and engaged. Nowadays a plus one invite is also extended to couples are in a committed relationship whether they are engaged or not. This is because in these modern times couples are now living together prior to being engaged or married and others are choosing not to get married at all.

Walking down the aisle
In traditional times and most cultures the bride’s father walked her down the aisle. However now it’s allowed to get creative and anyone that is close to the bride is allowed to walk her down the aisle may it be her mother, close friend or even she might decide not to have anyone walk her down the aisle. At times, the couple even decides not to have anyone walk them down the aisle and decide to start the ceremony at the altar doing away with the process of walking down the aisle.

Send invites to guests and friend via mail or postal cards
As it has been tradition to send invites to guests via postal cards, nowadays, people announce their wedding via social media and even invite guests with hashtags and via private messages and people are free to rsvp via the same platform.

Siting positions
The traditions that have been passed down have been that the guests of the bride sit on her right side and guests of the groom sit on his right side. Now in the modern era, the couples are encouraging their guests to mingle are get to know each other as a family.

Throwing the bouquet
It has been tradition for the bride to throw the bouquet to the ladies in the ladies but nowadays the coupe is free to be creative and invent new traditions for them to do in their wedding.