The Perfect Wedding Cake

A wedding is a memorable occasion not only for the bride and groom but also for the invited guests. The couple has to ensure their day is well planned out. A wedding planner is employed to carry out tasks on behalf of the couple. The cake is always introduced at the reception party to celebrate the couple’s union. Before the wedding, the planner looks for the best baker in town who is within the couple’s budget. Later on, the bride and groom are called in for cake tastes. This is mainly done when they do not have a particular choice of flavor. Choosing the perfect cake is equally stressful and needs much attention, similar to the attention given to the dress, shoes, decoration and venue. Below are simple ways of how to choose the perfect cake for your wedding.

How to choose the perfect wedding cake


 Asking around; sampling cake flavors that have the right frosting takes time. Learn to ask around from friends, neighbors and family members of any good cake baker around. Begin your search 6 months before the wedding. You can even ask your designers, florists and decorators for contacts. Make your search broad and wide within your living area.

 Narrowing your search; with the long contact list you have achieved from asking around and looking up in the internet, narrow your search by sampling their products. Good caterers should have a website. See their ratings and sample their cake pictures and events. Make a point to even call any satisfied client who has commented on the page. With this, you will know who to cut off from the list.

 Book an appointment; from the short list of caterers you chose, book an appointment for cake tasting. This will help you in further narrowing your list and remaining with the best. Taste up to five cakes with different flavors. When you are not sure of a catering company, do not be quick to drop them.

 Budget planning; cut down the list by presenting your budget to the cake designers. Choose the best catering company you will deal with and set up an appointment.

 Signing a contract; this is done with the best caterer you’ve chosen. A detail of the date, venue and time is written down. This is to ensure that incase of any damages, you’re compensated or given a viable option.


In this era where weddings have become so popular, the design of the cake attracts more attention than even the flavor. Make sure you choose the right design and the best flavor and frosting.