What Are Things To Be Planned For Wedding

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Many people view a wedding as a special day where they attend, witness the couple wed, sit down for the reception, have fun and make merry all day.  But behind the scenes, there is a lot of planning and organizing that is involved in a wedding. All the day’s activities have to be split and planned for, budgeted for to the last detail. This is why most couples opt to hire a wedding planner to help tie all the loose ends and ensure that nothing goes wrong on the special day. A wedding is a culmination of many activities and if done correctly, it can leave fond, lasting memories in the minds of everyone present. Assuming that you have secured the budget and are now looking to allocate the funds to individual activities and tasks, where would you start? Well, first and foremost, calm down. Relax. Think clearly. Get a pen and paper. Have your partner or a friend present; there’s no harm though in jotting the activities alone before presenting them to the wedding committee.

Wedding Plan

  • Attire; wedding attire includes the wedding gown, shoes, the groom’s suit, the clothing to be worn by the maids, page boys, and so on. When budgeting for these, know who’ll cater for what, whether maids are paying for their own dresses or the planning committee will cater for their costs. In this budget you can also include the cost of flowers and other decorations that’ll be needed.
  • Reception; this is where your guests will be welcomed to seat and follow the day’s proceedings. A wedding reception hall has to be spacious, nicely decorated, and easily accessible to your guests. The cost of reception will include the wedding hall itself, design and sprucing up the place, foods and drinks to be had, as well as the wedding cake. All these costs may consume 50% of your total budget and rightly so; just ensure that the tasks are delegated to a competent and reliable team that won’t disappoint or do a shoddy job.
  • Transport; how are guests going to move from point A to Point B? For instance, if the wedding has been conducted in a Church and the delegation now wishes to proceed for reception at a Private Garden, how will guests move? Are the special groups of people that need to be moved in advance? The secret usually lies in having a transport manager who’ll coordinate all the above aspects. Allocate an amount from the budget, just in case he/she needs to step in and save a situation.

Wedding Planning

  • Entertainment; wedding entertainment is an integral part of any wedding. Most guests tend to hold dear the memorable moments they danced or watched some entertainment during a wedding they attended. So, budget for entertainment and ensure that you’re creative while at it. Live bands, DJs, Dance troupes, Magicians, plus much more; pick something that will leave your guests thoroughly entertained.
  • Wedding rings; you can do a quick online search and estimate how much a good wedding ring costs. Compare and contrast the prices from different shops in order to have an idea of how much to allocate.
  • Videography/photography; wedding videography and photography are another crucial ingredient to a successful wedding. While it is important to allocate a substantial amount to the same, ensure that pick someone professional and competent. This is because once the wedding is over and time has gone by, only the wedding photos will remain to remind you of this wonderful day. Never pay a wedding photographer or videographer the entire amount at once; pay 50%, and clear the rest once the photos are shot, processed and ready. This motivates the photographer to do a better, more professional job so they can get full payment.