Top Five Foods on Your Wedding Menu

Planning a wedding is extremely costly and needs a lot of planning. At some point in the day, all that people care about are the food being served and the drinks available. The couple should be careful in employing a good wedding planner who will work within their budget and offer the best food for your guests. The couple should note any guest who has special needs like obesity, allergies and so on so forth. Getting to work with food is very hectic and needs a lot of attention and planning; but below are some 5 foods you should never miss on your wedding menu;

Savory cupcakes- this is an appetizer that is mainly served during the cocktail hour. It has mashed potato icing, a mini meat loaf topped with rosemary or tomato basil mix topped with freshly grated cheese.


International street food– for the love of global cuisine, there are good serving food ideas like the Chinese dim sum, mini Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches or socca (this is a crispy pancake for French food lovers). One can also decide to put a food truck for an outdoor reception.

Themed rehearsal dinners– they are known to be more flexible than the actual wedding since the caterers take their cooking to another level. One can always go for a Mexican fiesta that has piñatas and sombreros. Classical dishes like burritos, fajitas and churros can also be served as dessert. Apart from this fine dinner dishes, one can go for a New England beach clambake or a southern comfort that has fresh biscuits, fried chicken and lots of cocktail.

Tiki bar cocktails– this is a fruity tropical cocktail that can be taken with or within meals. In the cocktails one has different choices. One can go for the classics like tequila sunrises and mai tais. The caterers can also work with new variations on old school favorites like Singapore slings or planter’s punch. All this can be served in coconut shell cups that have colorful straws and fruit garnishes.

A la carte selection– this is a French old school service style where waiters offer a selection from large trays or carts that are wheeled from table to table. It has a variety of proteins, grains and vegetables.


Getting the right meal for your wedding reception can be very hard. The food needs a theme and well learned caterers.