Fun and Creative Wedding bar Ideas for Your Reception

Food and drink bar stations can be designed in different ways. One can get creative with their catering and incorporate whimsical reception bars from mimosas to pancakes to s’mores. This article presents fun and creative bar ideas for your reception;

Mimosa bar

If your reception is a daytime event, mimosa bar is the best and simplest to put up. All one needs is champagne and fresh juices. It is simple, affordable and has drinks that can be taken by all ages.

Sangria bar

The advantage of sangria is that everybody loves it. Setting up a sangria bar adds a fun and festive taste in your wedding day festivities. Your guests will love the bar and definitely make the most out of it.

Grilled cheese station

Having good grilled food at your wedding adds up the fun. A sophisticated grilled cheese bar is popular among guests of all ages. Dining in it brings people together to socialize and have fun.

Pancake bar

Setting up a pancake bar is common in receptions that take place in the morning hours. Guests dine in the brunch of different flavored pancakes. The bar should be designed in a way that there is a section of whipped cream, syrup, delicious toppings and fruits. This will enable the guests to have a wide selection to choose from. A perfect counterpart to this is the mimosa bar.

S’mores bar

A classic, simple, sticky sweet treat has always been a huge hit to kids and adults alike. You can glam up the bar with delicious ingredients like nutella, white chocolate or granola. These sweet ingredients spice up the whole festive. They provide a nice and memorable occasion for every guest invited.

Root beer float bar

No one can resist a good old fashioned ice-cream float on a sunny day. All the ingredients one has to have are vanilla ice cream and an assortment of soda. Root beer ice-cream float can be drank by anyone and is very affordable compared to other types of ice-cream flavors.

Sundae bar

Sundae bar is simple but very delicious. Set up a station with a variety of ice-cream flavors and toppings. The bar can be designed in different ways depending on how one would want. Different flavors of ice-cream always keep the guests entertained and coming back for more.