Wedding Catering: 10 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

When planning for a wedding, you want a wedding caterer who’ll not just provide your guests and friends with nice foods and drinks but also one who is experienced at doing it. In any case, the wedding caterer will set the mood the evening, and probably also deliver the wedding cake. As such, there are some basic considerations you ought to make before picking the right caterer for your big day;


  1. Are they licensed;. It’s important that your wedding caterer be licensed by the relevant health authorities. If possible, they should also have liability insurance, and a license to sell and serve liquor if at all alcohol will be served later in the evening
  2. Experience; How experienced is the wedding caterer in proving their services to their clients? Have they had an event similar to yours, in terms of the number of guests, and day of the wedding?
  3. Reference; Can they provide you with some clients for reference, who they have served previously? A good wedding caterer should be more than glad to provide you with a list of previous clients, so that you hear whether indeed they deliver on what they promise.
  4. Menu diversity; Can the caterer manage to offer a diverse menu, to suit the diverse guests who’ll attend your wedding? For instance, if the wedding were a predominantly Indian wedding, would they be able to offer a cuisine and menu that reflects the Indian culture?
  5. Full service; does the caterer provide full service; apart from providing the foods, will they set the tables, offer bar service, and clean up the venue after the wedding?
  6. Special needs; ask whether they offer foods and menus for people with special needs, like children, the elderly, or diabetics, even if it means doing so at an extra cost.
  7. Logistics; Does the wedding caterer also provide chairs, tables, tents, plates, salt shakers, and such? Some caterers offer meals, while you have to take care of the logistics.
  8. Tasting; it is not enough that a caterer has promised to serve tasty food, and that you’ve spoken to their former client who says they are good. Always find a way to taste their meal before the actual day; it is a sensible thing to do.
  9. Dressing; what will the catering team wear, and if they have a uniform, how will it blend with your wedding? If your wedding team will put on formal attire, you don’t want a catering team crisscrossing in jeans and polo shirts. Try to bridge those two.
  10. Cost; having ascertained all the above, the issue of costs may now arise. While a cheap caterer may not always be advisable, an expensive one likewise doesn’t guarantee superior services. Just settle for whatever sounds reasonable.