How To Keep Your Wedding Glamourous: Wedding Hair & Makeup

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. So, it’s only normal that you’d want to look your absolute best on the day. However, it’s also very normal to feel worried about getting it wrong ending up looking garish or overdone.

Finding the expert makeup artist, who will create a wedding makeup combination that suits both your skin tone and your wedding style, can ensure that you look exceptional in your wedding photos and cake

When to book your hair and makeup artist and when for 

We advise you to pick your artist around 5 months before the big day, and a trial should be carried out. If you can have your hair and makeup trials on the same day it’s a great excuse for a girl’s night out!

Choosing a wedding makeup artist

Listen carefully to what questions the artist asks you, as opposed to the answer. They should be asking you about the lighting at the ceremony and reception, the type of venue you have chosen, the colour of your wedding dress and the overall wedding theme, and the hairstyle you have in mind

Your makeup artist should have several style options and variations in their portfolio from you to choose from. They should listen to what you want and not force their own opinion whilst also making suggestions.

During the trial your artist should try out different looks to ensure they get exactly what you want rather than settling on the first attempt. If you are I satisfied with the trial, book another appointment, or find a new artist.

Top beauty tips for brides

Opt for colours that go with your compaction. Usually brunettes look good in warm shades of plum, cream and copper, while blondes can carry off colder shades such as lavender, blue-grey and teal. Redheads look stunning in peach, grey or moss dance cavendish

It’s common for the bride to shed tears of joy throughout the day, so avoiding running mascara by using waterproof eye makeup can help. This can also double up as waterproof liquid eyeliner; just dip the eyeliner brush in the mascara tube.

Any alterations in your skincare and beauty regime should be done several weeks before the wedding. This is because getting a facial or using a new beauty product the week before the big day can provoke a very ill-timed breakout.

Getting the perfect complexion on your wedding day can take more than a good foundation. Stressful wedding planning can result in breakouts and bad skin, so take time to relax, rewind and renew before the big day. Cavendish wedding catering can take a huge stress away. Allowing you to relax and pamper yourself in peace. Drink plenty of water and fruit smoothies, and try to lessen the amount of coffee and alcohol you consume. Get into the habit of cleansing and moisturising daily, preferably several weeks before the wedding.

Fifties glamour is the latest trend in wedding makeup. This season, wedding makeup is all about Hollywood glamour.

Eye makeup is both glamorous and elegant, with soft colourful shades enhanced by several coats of mascara, or possibly even false eyelashes.

Lining the lips creates fullness and lipstick is topped with shimmering lip-gloss. Red is the hottest trend in lip colour, but if you feel this is a little over the top, or doesn’t really suit you, ask your makeup artist to recommend a shade that complements your skin tone.