How to Have a Five Star Wedding on A Budget

Weddings are some of the most important events in anyone’s life. While many may not admit to it, a wedding is a dream most ladies have and plan about since they were children. Weddings need a lot of focus since they come with responsibilities that call for strict fiscal discipline. A wedding concentrates on a budget plan as the most important aspect. They are all about the rings, the cake, the guests and the decorations. All this should be perfectly done with meticulous planning to ensure that the big day is a success. Having a five star wedding with a shoestring budget needs a few free tips;

• The ring; the ring is the most important jewelry in a wedding. Original designer rings are very expensive depending on the type of gem you want it to be furnished with. One can get customized rings at a cheaper price but still have an expensive look. The couple can get to be within the budget by buying something that they can afford.

• Venue; the reception for the wedding has to be a spacious and a comfortable room where all the invited guests can fit. The couple can get a venue that has a good price and a wedding discount. This will help in reducing costs on the venue and budgeting more on the food and decorations.


• The dress; most brides use up most of their time looking for the perfect dress. In a wedding all the attention is shifted to the bride; the dress she has on and the jewelry she’s wearing. Getting a designer gown is very expensive and so is buying one. The bride can always rent out a dress to wear on that day instead of buying. It will be less costly and keeps the couple within the budget plan.

• Cost on booze; this is one beverage that can never miss in any occasion. Supplying booze at a wedding reception needs the couple to have a contract with an alcohol factory or a wholesale shop. The sellers will supply a good discount on all the bottles that will be emptied in the reception. This is a cut down cost on the supplies in the reception after the wedding.

Weddings can be very costly in a lot of areas but cutting down costs in little things as the rings and the dresses enables the couple to save up and use the money in other areas.

Budget plan helps couples to stay debt free after their wedding.