Wedding Photography- 5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Wedding photos are a nice way to document your special day, and get hold of those memorable and dramatic moments. Nowadays, much emphasis is given to wedding photography, and people are investing heavily in the perfect venue for shooting the best photos, as well as the best wedding photography equipment. When planning for your wedding photography, you must ensure that you pick the right photographer for the job.

Below are 5 basic questions that you should be sure to ask your wedding photographer;

  1. How experienced are they; the last thing you need for your wedding photography is a beginner who is inexperienced, and learning the rules of the game. An experienced wedding photographer will not have to be reminded of the perfect moments to get a shot, or the best way to go about it.
  2. What equipment do they have; don’t compromise on your wedding photography, get a photographer who has high quality HD camera and other equipment. Nowadays, if the photographer is not using the right digital cameras that can take high quality photos, then consider getting another one.
  3. Transport; some wedding photographers will charge differently if they have to move from the wedding venue, to a specially designed place for a photo shoot. Thus arrange in advance for his or her transport from point A to B, or agree on how much they’ll charge to take care of their own transport.
  4. Guarantee of quality; a wedding is a onetime affair and if the photographer gets it wrong, they won’t have time or opportunity to take better shots later. Thus, seek assurances and guarantees from the photographer, that they will ensure they are on top of their game from the word go. A photographer who is not confident, or hesitates to assure you that all will go well could be a beginner, and as such, not a recommendable bet.
  5. Duration of processing; photos take time to get processed, before the photographer brings them back to you. In some cases, wedding photographers have been known to take ages, to the point of disenfranchising the wedding couple. Always agree on a specific time frame during within which all photos should be processed and ready; you don’t have to chase the photographer around for weeks.



A good wedding photographer should be experienced, creative, and capable of capturing those magical moments even without anyone reminding him or her.