Wedding Planning In London – Inspiration and Tips


London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be wed in. To plan a perfect wedding in London though, one needs to adhere to some tips and advice. Planning a wedding needs a couple’s full involvement, all the fine details of the big day have to be discussed and analyzed keenly. However, the good thing is that London has many professional companies that offer wedding planning tips. Some of these tips will come in handy, and they include;

Venue; identifying and getting a perfect and comfortable venue for the wedding is the first thing a couple should work on. A venue is at the top of the pyramid, always book it in advance and if need be, pay for it before the wedding day. Nothing would be as embarrassing as learning a few days to your wedding that someone else has booked and paid for the same venue on the same day.

Budget; London has fine things to offer to the discerning couple, and as such, always consider the budget on the table. How much have you saved or raised for the wedding, or how much has friends and relatives pledged? Your budget will determine so many things, from the venue you can afford to hire, the car to carry the bride on the special day, even to the food and refreshments for guests.

Entertainment; London has all walks of entertainers and musicians, and your wedding won’t be complete without you inviting such. You could get a band to come and entertain the guests, or a Dj to keep the guests entertained. But if you want something more spectacular and memorable, go for a London magician. There are some that specialize in performing in weddings and these will leave your guests teary with laughter, thanks to their confusing stunts.

Wedding rings; It would surprise many to learn that in most weddings, the wedding committees spend months planning about venues, catering, transport, etc, but forget about the rings! Shop for your wedding rings well in advance, try them to ensure they are comfortable, and then store them safely in readiness for the big day.

Weather; London weather can both be the harshest, and the sweetest, to have a wedding in. Choose your wedding date wisely, if possible, look out for winter or when the London sky is grey with rainfall. Opt for a warm, sunny weather, otherwise anything else beside that could be disastrous.

Honeymoon destination; another vital tip is choosing a honeymoon destination in advance. Do not wait until the last minute to pick a destination; honeymoon destinations get booked in large numbers, and the very destination that you wish to visit with your spouse could be fully booked when you need it. Besides, knowing that the  is already identified, and booked brings the couple even closer during the hectic time that they are planning other things.