Wedding reception seating arrangement: Pros & Cons

Now that you have most of the plans in place, you may need to choose your wedding reception seating arrangements. There are quite a number of options when it comes to seating options.

Here are options alongside their pros and cons;

  1. One long rectangular table – Just as the name suggests, you would have everyone seating on one long rectangular table, with the groom on one end and the bride on the other. It is perfect for intimate weddings.
    • Pros
      • Makes the reception very intimate
      • Low cost of linen
      • Great for destination weddings
      • Can focus on great table decor which will look great in photos
  • Cons
    • If one person doesn’t show up it can throw off your seating chart and you may have to rework it
    • Works better in certain areas like lofts and outdoors
    • You might have to choose a plated dinner where each course is presented to the guest
    • It might be a challenge to have conversation going since you can only speak to those to the left or right
  1. Round tables – This seating arrangement allows for people to sit on round tables at the venue.
    • Pros
      • Most venues have round tables readily available
      • If a few people don’t show up, it will not affect the seating arrangement
      • You can choose different sizes of round tables to suit the company
      • Allows for socializing and mingling
  • Cons
    • This might not be ideal for a more traditional couple
    • Choose centrepieces carefully so as to not block peoples view and hinder conversation
    • Round tables take up space
  1. Square tables – This is where one uses square tables.
    • Pros
      • Gives the wedding a modern look
      • Offers easy flow of conversation
      • Aerial photos will look fantastic
    • Cons
      • Linens will cost extra as this is not the standard table design
      • If the venue doesn’t offer this option it might cost more to hire them
  1. Mixed seat arrangement – This is where you choose a mix of 2 or more seating arrangements.
    • Pros
      • Makes reception space look very unique
      • Allows many options for seating guests
    • Cons
      • If the layout is done haphazardly it can look cluttered

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