Unique Wedding Theme Ideas from Cavendish

Having a wedding is one of the most beautiful memories a couple carries when they are married. However, planning one is very stressful and at times costly. Cavendish is one of the popular companies that help plan weddings in London, and also offers cool ideas to the bride and groom. A wedding is always about the bride’s dress and the theme chosen for the occasion. The more stunning it is, the more attention will be focused on her. Cavendish has come up with a list of themes and anyone planning a wedding should really try them. Every theme is part of a package and has a different budget range.


Cavendish wedding themes include;

  • Wedding décor
  • Head tables
  • Stages
  • Table settings
  • Themed events
  • Chair covers
  • Mobile bars

The wedding décor theme, the table settings and chair covers, all these are about the color the couple handpicked as well as the choice of the cutleries. They entail a matching collection of colors put together. If the couple is not so sure of what color they will work with, the wedding planner is able to show off several ideas of the perfect décor that can match with their outfits.

The head tables and stages are where the important people in the wedding sit. This is a recognizable place so it must be the most captivating site in the room. The tables are set up with the best cutleries, drinks and food. The head table is set with the best clothing and the best of everything. The theme is different from all the others because it is the highest place.

The mobile bar can be an open bar or just a simple bar. It offers drinks of all kind and variety. It has the best tenders and mixers who can entertain the public eye at the reception.