East Meets West: White Wedding Gowns for Beautiful Asian Brides

Fusing the sparkling traditional Asian gown with the traditional white western gown is one way to bring out a gorgeous wedding gown that not only captures the best of both worlds, but also gives you a hint of royal elegance. Below are tips on how Asian brides to be can pick out the perfect white gown while still retaining the original Asian flair;


• The first tip is of course the glowing white color. A white gown sets off the mood for the big day. A touch of a different color detail may also work well with a white gown.

• In order to bring out the sleekness of the traditional sari, consider a full length gown with a narrow A-line shape. This shape not only gives you a flawless look, but also gives that much sought after royal elegance, considering that this is your big day.

• Pick a strapless or a sleeveless white gown with a complementing long train. These features of the gown give it a more balanced look due to the long hemline.

• You may also consider a full-skirted gown with a corset top. The gown works well with multiple layers that create a stunning bridal look. A well fitting corset top will give that subtle nod to the gown and this is the best way to bring out the originality of the traditional Lengha with a stunning white gown.

• A sparkling detail is both appealing and eye catching. The sari and the lengha have sparkles embroidered in them and every Asian bride wants to maintain this. Consider therefore, a gown with a crystal-beaded bust.

• To bring out the stunning modern bridal look without compromising on the originality of the traditional ornate duputta, have a transparent long flowing veil. The veil will add volume to your A-line slime gown.

• As an excellent complement to the white gown, you may consider replacing the wrist bangles with a sparkling necklace and matching earrings. Have your hair pulled back to give the detail in your gown more attention and keep jewelry at a minimal for a modern look. In addition, add a colored bouquet as a complement to the stunning white gown.

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