Just Engaged? Your First Wedding Planning To-Dos

So you have just gotten engaged, you are extremely excited and cannot wait for the big day to walk down the aisle! Well, the truth is that being engaged is only the first step; planning a wedding is a lengthy task. In fact, planning a wedding is something that you start long before the wedding day, during the wedding day, and even after the wedding itself. In that regard, you have to plan meticulously so that everything falls in place. Belo, we have compiled a list of wedding planning tips and quide;


1. Start planning early; you will need to start for your wedding early. By planning early, we meant that long before the wedding day you have to have an idea of how you want things to look like. How many guests do you estimate roughly? What foods and drinks would they all consume? What about transportation to and from the wedding venue? One is advised to jot down such details on a piece of paper so that you do not forget a thing.


2. Come up with the budget; second on the to do list, come up with a rough budget for the entire wedding. When compiling the budget, you will need to know what expensed must be incurred on the wedding day. For instance, are there reception halls to be booked and reserved? What about the wedding gown, has any one offered to help with one, or a new has to be purchased? The cost of gifts should also be included. Basically, you will need to factor in all potential expenses on the wedding day. The budget however is never final; it keeps on going up and down as you continue making more consultations.

3. Have a helping hand; more often than not, couples tend to get so excited with the wedding that they forget to include friends and family in the planning. This inevitably leads to stress and fatigue; it is not uncommon for the bride to go to her wedding worried that this may go wrong, or that wasn’t done correctly. The secret is to bring on board some trusted friends and family members ot help you in planning.

4. Keep the guest list slim; although a wedding is a special day that we would all love the world to see, there is sense in keeping your guest list minimal. The more the guests, the more complex the logistics involved. Remember, there is more to catering for guests than just providing for their meals; there is the transportation aspect where you may have to cough up more to hire for their transport from point A to B.

5. Have fun; last but not least, don’t stress yourself up with what may go wrong, or what didn’t go as planned. Even the keenest wedding planners never get everything right 100%. Just choose to have fun as you plan the wedding. Like they say, just do your best and let God do the rest.